Sylvester Police drug unit makes arrests

ALBANY, Ga. -- The Sylvester Police Department drug unit arrested suspected drug dealers on a string of charges Thursday through Monday.

According to a police report, the arrests were logged in like this: Executing a search warrant at 103 East St., the drug unit, assisted by other Sylvester police officers, arrested Ronnie Iverson Walker, of 726 West Road, Poulan, and Vonnie Newberry, of 105 Curtis St., Thursday.

Walker was charged with two counts of selling hydrocodone and two counts of selling within 1,000 feet of a public park. Newberry was charged with one count selling hydrocodone and one of selling drugs in proximity to a park.

Sylvester authorities, assisted by Poulan Police Department officers, executed a search warrant at a 108 Curtis St. residence. Resident Kevin Hooks and Quantavis Hooks, of 208 Cecil St., were arrested Friday.

Both Hookses face charges of possession of a firearm during a crime and possession with intent to distribute marijuana. Kevin Hooks also faces charges of obstructing an officer.

The police report stated two ounces of marijuana, an unspecified quantity of hydrocodone, two handguns and $864 in cash were recovered at the residence.

A 2:15 a.m. Saturday, a fight at Club Celebrity at 212 S. Main St. gave police cause to arrest Moses Barber, of 200 Eighth St., Moultrie. Police found 22 small baggies of suspected marijuana and an unspecified quantity of Ecstasy.

Barber faces charges of disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana and Ecstasy with intent to distribute.

A traffic stop on Sylvester's West Franklin Street at Monroe Street led to the arrest of Martavious Dejoun Williams, of 105 Pecan St., after he ran from the stop and was caught. Williams faces charges of obstruction of a law officer and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.